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Nothing to do with a podcast . . .

I am asking this question only of people I trust (weird maybe that you are one) . . . I'm looking for a UX designer to build a social media platform prototype and I need someone I can trust that won't take the idea to Instagram after talking to me. Do you have anyone that you would recommend? I'm guessing, like me, you only surround yourself with people you trust. Thanks in advance, Mazy

Are these feeds up to date?

Are these feeds up to date? I think patreon shows newer 911 episodes. Hopefully you find time to answer. Thanks.

Heavan aka Controlled caios

I'm a born/raised as a psychopath. Psychologist started calling me controlled caios about 15yrs ago. I've actually never had a shrink stay with me more than a year. I like to answer the questions people say like why would killers do that. Or what were they thinking. I thought about reaching out to assist fbi etc. I'm afraid to attempt. I'd love to talk to you guys sometime if you want to. BTW you pronounced my name Heaven. I have an a to see how many people need to go back to kindergarten (my grandpa named me)


Are the "Whats that Sound" Videos going to be uploaded on here?


I watched the videos I still can't get this to work on Spotify.